Lakeside Country Park, great spot in Eastleigh, United Kingdom

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Lakeside Country Park, best place to visit in Eastleigh

Lakeside Country Park

Lakeside Country Park is a country park just south of the town of Eastleigh in Hampshire. The park covers 60 acres and is home to the Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway. The park is on the site of old gravel workings, with lakes formed from gravel pits. As well as the lakes themselves, the park boasts meadows and some young woodland. In April 2005, a band of travellers illegally set up camp in the park and on surrounding land, including allotments, with over a dozen caravans there at one stage. The travellers were there for five days and left large amounts of rubbish behind, which was not cleared for some weeks, and was subsequently set ablaze by local children. The park is bounded by the Eastleigh urban area to the north, the A335 road to the east, the boundary between Eastleigh and Southampton to the south, and Monks Brook to the west.

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