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Alba Iulia, city to visit in Romania

Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia, is a city located on the Mure? River in Alba County, Transylvania, Romania, with a population of 58,681 as of 2011. Since the High Middle Ages, the city has been the seat of Transylvania's...
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Bra?ov, city to visit in Romania


Bra?ov is a city in Romania and the administrative centre of Bra?ov County. According to the last Romanian census, from 2011, there were 253,200 people living within the city of Bra?ov, making it the ...
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Bucharest, city to visit in Romania


Bucharest is the capital municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania. It is the largest city in Romania, located in the southeast of the country, at 44°25?57?N 26°06?14?E? / ?4...
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Buz?u, city to visit in Romania


The city of Buz?u is the county seat of Buz?u County, Romania, in the historical region of Wallachia. It lies near the right bank of the Buz?u River, between the south-eastern curvature of the Carpath...
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Cluj-Napoca, city to visit in Romania


Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania, andis considered the historical capital of Transylvania....
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Hunedoara, city to visit in Romania


Hunedoara is a city in Hunedoara County, Transylvania, Romania. It is located in southwestern Transylvania near the Poiana Rusc? Mountains, and administers five villages: Bo?, Gro?, H??dat, Pe?ti?u Ma...
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One?ti, city to visit in Romania


One?ti is a city in Bac?u County, Romania, with a population of 39,172 inhabitants. Administratively, the villages of Slobozia and Borze?ti form part of One?ti. Borze?ti, site of the Borze?ti Church, ...
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Ploie?ti, city to visit in Romania


Ploie?ti is the county seat of Prahova County and lies in the historical region of Wallachia in Romania. The city is located 56 km north of Bucharest. The area of the city is around 60 km². It borders...
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Râmnicu Vâlcea, city to visit in Romania

Râmnicu Vâlcea

Râmnicu Vâlcea is the capital city of Vâlcea County, Romania....
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S?pân?a, city to visit in Romania


S?pân?a is a commune in Maramure? County in northern Romania, 15 kilometers northwest of Sighet and just south of the Tisza River. It is composed of a single village, S?pân?a. It is known for its "Mer...
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Timi?oara, city to visit in Romania


Timi?oara is the capital city of Timi? County, in western Romania. One of the largest Romanian cities, with a population of 319,279 inhabitants, Timi?oara is considered the informal capital city of th...
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Turda, city to visit in Romania


Turda is a city and Municipality in Cluj County, Romania, situated on the Arie? River....
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Best places to visitin Romania

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