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Aga Khan Palace, things to do in Pune

Aga Khan Palace

The Aga Khan Palace was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in Pune, India. Built in 1892, it is one of the biggest landmarks in Indian history. The palace was an act of charity by the Sultan w...
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Mulshi Dam, things to do in Pune

Mulshi Dam

Mulshi is the name of a major dam on the Mula river located in the Mulshi taluka administrative division of the Pune district of Maharashtra State, India. Water from the dam is used for irrigation as ...
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Parvati Hill, things to do in Pune

Parvati Hill

Parvati Hill is a hillock in Pune, India. The hillock rises up to 2,100 feet above sea level. Atop the hillock is the Parvati Temples, which are one of the most scenic locations in Pune. The temple is...
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Pataleshwar, things to do in Pune


The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a rock-cut cave temple, carved out in the 8th century in the Rashtrakuta period. It is located in what is now Pune, in the state of Maharashtra, India. It was originally...
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Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, things to do in Pune

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It contains the collection of Dr Dinkar G. Kelkar, dedicated to the memory of his only son, Raja, who died an untimely tragic death. The t...
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Shaniwar Wada, things to do in Pune

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwarwada is a palace fort in the city of Pune in Maharashtra, India. Built in 1746, it was the seat of the Peshwa rulers of the Maratha Empire until 1818 when the Peshwas surrendered to the Britis...
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Shinde Chhatri, things to do in Pune

Shinde Chhatri

Shinde Chhatri, located in Wanowrie, a well known place in Pune, India, is a memorial dedicated to the 18th century military leader Mahadji Shinde who served as the commander-in-chief of the Maratha a...
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