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Beethoven Monument, Bonn, things to do in Bonn

Beethoven Monument, Bonn

The Beethoven Monument is a large bronze statue of Ludwig van Beethoven that stands on the Münsterplatz in Bonn, Beethoven's birthplace. It was unveiled on 12 August 1845, in honour of the 75th annive...
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Beethovenhalle, things to do in Bonn


The Beethovenhalle is a concert hall in Bonn. It is the third hall in that city to bear the name of Bonn-born composer Ludwig van Beethoven....
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Electoral Palace, Mainz, things to do in Bonn

Electoral Palace, Mainz

The Electoral Palace in Mainz is the former city Residenz of the Archbishop of Mainz, who was also Prince-Elector of his electoral state within the Holy Roman Empire. It is one of the important Renais...
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Godesburg, things to do in Bonn


The Godesburg is a castle in Bad Godesberg, a formerly independent part of Bonn, Germany. Built in the early 13th century on the Godesberg, a hill of volcanic origin, it was largely destroyed followin...
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Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, things to do in Bonn

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland is a museum in Bonn, Germany. Located on the Museum Mile in Bonn it has exhibitions of art treasures and important cultural objects from aro...
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Kunstmuseum Bonn, things to do in Bonn

Kunstmuseum Bonn

The Kunstmuseum Bonn or Bonn Museum of Modern Art is an art museum in Bonn, Germany, founded in 1947. The Kunstmuseum exhibits both temporary exhibitions and its collection. Its collection is focused ...
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Middle Rhine, things to do in Bonn

Middle Rhine

Between Bingen and Bonn, Germany, the Rhine River flows as the Middle Rhine through the Rhine Gorge, a formation created by erosion, which happened at about the same rate as an uplift in the region, l...
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Poppelsdorf Palace, things to do in Bonn

Poppelsdorf Palace

Poppelsdorf Palace is a Baroque building in the Poppelsdorf district of Bonn, western Germany, which is now part of the University of Bonn....
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Post Tower, things to do in Bonn

Post Tower

Post Tower is the headquarters of the logistic company Deutsche Post DHL with the two brands postal services for Germany Deutsche Post and the worldwide logistic company DHL. The Post Tower is a 162.5...
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Schürmann-Bau, things to do in Bonn


The Schürmann-Bau is an office building in Bonn, named after its architect Joachim Schürmann. The building houses the headquarters of the Deutsche Welle, after being originally planned for the members...
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