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Baiyun Mountain, things to do in Guangzhou

Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Shan, Baiyun Mountain, or Mount Baiyun is a mountain near Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province in China officially part of the Baiyunshan Resort along with Luhu Park, Yuntai Garden, Min...
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Guangdong Provincial Museum, things to do in Guangzhou

Guangdong Provincial Museum

Guangdong Provincial Museum is located on 215 Wenming Rd., Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of China, on what was the original site of Zhongshan University. It is a provincial general museum, founded in ...
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Huaisheng Mosque, things to do in Guangzhou

Huaisheng Mosque

The Huaisheng Mosque, also known as the Lighthouse Mosque, is the main mosque of Guangzhou. Rebuilt many times over its history, it is traditionally thought to have been originally built over 1,300 ye...
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Pearl River, things to do in Guangzhou

Pearl River

The Pearl River or Zhu Jiang or less commonly, the "Guangdong River" or "Canton River" etc., is an extensive river system in southern China. The name Pearl River is usually used as a catchment term to...
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Shamian Island, things to do in Guangzhou

Shamian Island

Shamian Island, is a sandbank island in the Liwan District of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. The island's name literally means "sandy surface" in Chinese. The territory was divided into tw...
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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, things to do in Guangzhou

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is an octagon-shaped building in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. The hall was designed by Lu Yanzhi and was built with funds raised by local and overseas Chinese pe...
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Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, things to do in Guangzhou

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees is an ancient Buddhist temple originally built in 537 in the Liang dynasty in Guangzhou, southern China. The temple's proximity to foreign consulates in Guangzhou ha...
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