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Fort Whoop-Up, things to do in Lethbridge

Fort Whoop-Up

Fort Whoop-Up was the nickname given to a whisky trading post, originally Fort Hamilton, near what is now Lethbridge, Alberta. During the late 19th century, the post served as a centre for various ill...
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Galt Museum & Archives, things to do in Lethbridge

Galt Museum & Archives

Galt Museum & Archives is the primary museum in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and is the largest museum in the province south of Calgary. In 2006, the museum cared for a growing collection of over 20,0...
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Henderson Park, things to do in Lethbridge

Henderson Park

Henderson Park is a 47 hectare located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The park contains many amenities and attractions, including a 24 hectare man-made lake, the largest lake in the city. Several ann...
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Indian Battle Park, things to do in Lethbridge

Indian Battle Park

Indian Battle Park is a park located in the Oldman River valley urban park system of Lethbridge, Alberta. The 150-acre park was developed in 1960 and commemorates the Battle of the Belly River held in...
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Lethbridge Viaduct, things to do in Lethbridge

Lethbridge Viaduct

The Lethbridge Viaduct, commonly known as the High Level Bridge, was constructed between 1907–1909 at Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada at a cost of $1,334,525....
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Nicholas Sheran Park, things to do in Lethbridge

Nicholas Sheran Park

Nicholas Sheran Park is an urban park in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and is named after one of the city's founders, Nicholas Sheran. The largest park in West Lethbridge, it was conceptualised as a re...
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Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, things to do in Lethbridge

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is a 4-acre garden near Henderson Lake in Lethbridge, Alberta, designed by Dr. Tadashi Kubo of Osaka Prefecture University in Japan. The pavilion, shelter, bridges and gates...
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